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We’re passionate about educating and training firefighters and safety personnel. Read here how we do this.

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It’s all about contributing to a safer society and safer industry. Knowledge is power!

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H2K has been around for over 10 years. Meet our team and clients here.

Want to know more about your firefighting foam?

Tank and bund fires

Training aimed at the risks of atmospheric storage tanks on tank terminals and in the (petro)chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Those participating are people who work with or are responsible for the fire safety systems or incident control in relation to atmospheric tanks.

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Ammonia training

Ammonia belongs to the high-risk category of chemical substances. Specific expertise is required to work safely with ammonia and to control incidents with the substance in a safe and effective way. H2K offers various one-day trainings tailored to the operators who will come in contact with the substance on a work-related basis.

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Shipboard firefighting

Shipboard firefighting is a specialist subject in its own right with special characteristics. Two specialised maritime firefighting teams exist to control fires on board large sea ships in the North Sea, but in the water-rich Netherlands, firefighting corps that have waterways and harbours in their geographical service area should also prepare for shipboard firefighting.

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Integrated Fire Safety of IBC's & Intermodals

The 3-day training is JOIFF accredited and focuses on controlling incidents with Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s) and intermodals.

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Foam School

Foam school is an English spoken training, organised every year for an international audience. We welcome participants from all over the world at the training centre in Vernon, France, where they gain more insight into fixed and mobile foam systems.

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Workshops are a tried and tested formula for keeping up your professional expertise and sharing new insights and information. H2K organises various workshops on new and professional developments in the firefighting domain and the industrial sector.

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