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H2K Competence Registration Management

10 jul

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H2K Competence Registration creates real-life insight into the readiness of Emergency Response Organisations.

H2K has developed software to measure, register and report on knowledge and skills within Emergency Response Organisations. This supports the readiness of an ERO with adequate and up-to-date training information. The tool can be tailored to meet dedicated needs and characteristics of different types of organisations.

The software consists of a CR Dashboard and mobile CR tool. The Dashboard contains of a competence register, reporting module and functionalities to activate training projects in the CR tool. The mobile app provides instructors / observers the possibility to measure competences at any given location during training.

The CR Dashboard functions as the preparation unit. Inside this module, the competence register contains all relevant competences for different roles within an ERO. By linking competences to training projects, the performance of groups and individuals can be measured and registered within a specified time frame. Final preparation for training includes connecting participants to training projects and giving instructors digital access to a training project.

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Registering competences

The instructor or observer uses a mobile device (e.g. an iPad) with mobile CR tool to access a training project. All users have a personal account, and therefore only have access to relevant information. Using the registration tool, the observer assesses the competences of the participants and registers the outcome. In the event that participants subscribe or unsubscribe to a training last-minute, the observer has the opportunity to adjust the training project accordingly.

Offline compatibility

Using the CR tool, observers can measure competences at any desired location. In case no mobile internet is available, all measurements are buffered in offline mode. Once the connection is restored, all data is exchanged with the online Dashboard.

Upon finalisation of a training moment, the training project is locked and closed. This means that all records are protected, and training results cannot be adjusted.

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The Dashboard displays the results real-time. The level of competence per group or individual will be presented at all times, this helps in steering training program away from non-priority issues. Results can be viewed in multiple ways, examples of this are: reporting in totality (all trainings), per training project or per participant. Outcomes can be displayed using the dashboard or exported to PDF or Excel.

Competence Registration and personal data regulation
The CR database uses unique user-accounts per participant. No personal data is needed or used to keep track of competences. Because of this structure, the software package is in line with current General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

More information

Information about H2K Competence Registration can be obtained by contacting one of our staff members.