H2K Training provides a broad portfolio of practical training courses for firefighting personnel. Our courses aim to further develop knowledge and skills of members of an Emergency Response Organisation, using credible and recognisable training scenarios. All our courses can be taught and trained both ‘in-company’ and on training centres. H2K cooperates with training centres throughout The Netherlands, Belgium and France. Through these partnerships H2K has the possibility to provide a wide variety of training scenarios at each level under any desired circumstances or environment.

Ammonia training

Ammonia belongs to the high-risk category of chemical substances. Specific knowledge is required to work safely with ammonia and to control incidents with the substance in a safe and effective way. H2K offers various one-day trainings tailored to the operators who will come in contact with the substance on a work-related basis.

  • Training working safely with ammoniac/ammonia;
  • Training Incident Control ammoniac/ammonia.

The courses are a mix of theory and practice and can be given on location with the client, finetuned to the local situation and environment of the company. It utilises a mobile ammonia training unit, in which the characteristics of ammonia can be demonstrated and various corporate situations and incident scenarios can be simulated.

Working safely with ammonia

The training Working safely with ammonia is meant for people who deal with ammonia installations on a daily work basis, like operators, technical service operators and installation and service mechanics. The course participants will be brought up to date with the rules and regulations regarding ammonia, applications of the substance, its characteristics and effects, the risks of working with ammonia installations, limit values of exposure, personal protective equipment and how to handle incidents involving ammonia.

By means of a practical exercise, the participants will gain insights into the behaviour, the risks and the dangers of ammonia. Moreover, the participants will be trained in using personal protective equipment, bringing themselves and others to safety, the dos and don’ts of ammonia contamination and relaying relevant information to the professional emergency services.

Ammonia incident control

The incident control training is aimed at members of (corporate) firefighting services that are confronted with ammonia-related incidents in operational practice. After the participating emergency workers have been acquainted with the different manifestations and physical characteristics of ammonia and its risks, behaviour, and distribution, the training will elaborate on different types of ammonia incidents, the required personal protective equipment and tactics, as well as techniques for combating the source and its effects. Demonstrations and deployment scenarios will be handled in both the enclosed space of the ammonia unit as well as out in the open. The course participants will gain a proper insight into the behaviour of ammonia when released in the gaseous and fluid phases, evaporation and ‘cold boiling’, where ammonia cools down to its boiling point. H2K organises the ammonia training in close collaboration with the client, so that the training on offer is fully customised and tailored to the realistic corporate situation and working conditions.

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