H2K Online

H2K Online

Read about the digital learning platform H2K Online. The e-learning modules allow educating, training and assessing students, both individually as in teams. The platform supports standardized courses and tailor-made programs.

H2K Online

H2K Online is our digital learning platform for education and training. Through this platform, students, individually as well as in teams, can take online classes, do case studies and conduct examinations. The e-learning modules support our practical training courses and enable place and time independent education.

The user-friendly learning platform offers the possibility for conducting standard and customized learning programs online. The modules are available 24/7 and accessible on all devices.

H2K has partnered with software developer Splintt to create e-learning regarding industrial incident response. Splintt manages the digital framework for e-learning, H2K has developed online learning programs for industrial courses and training.

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