H2K Training provides a broad portfolio of practical training courses for firefighting personnel. Our courses aim to further develop knowledge and skills of members of an Emergency Response Organisation, using credible and recognisable training scenarios. All our courses can be taught and trained both ‘in-company’ and on training centres. H2K cooperates with training centres throughout The Netherlands, Belgium and France. Through these partnerships H2K has the possibility to provide a wide variety of training scenarios at each level under any desired circumstances or environment.

Training location for ‘Realistic training’ in France

Vernon, France

H2K organises realistic trainings for regional firefighting services and corporate firefighting services in a unique training centre in Vernon, France. Vernon is situated to the north-west of Paris, a 5-hour drive from Rotterdam. The training centre is situated on the site of a former refinery of which the tank-park, the loading installations, and various process installations are now in use as training objects. Supervised by Dutch instructors, H2K offers you the possibility to realistically train with a large number of practical facilities and possibilities.

Types of exercises

At this training site, industrial scenarios can be practiced in a hyper-realistic environment. The training centre is extremely suitable for practicing:

  • Large-scale flammable liquid firefighting and flammable liquid firefighting in indoor objects;
  • The use and the deployment of foam (possibly including personally brought foaming agents);
  • Combatting and controlling specific products (like ammonia, chlorine, ethylene oxide and bitumen);
  • Combatting and controlling fuels under elevated pressure.


The training centre possesses various facilities to train deployment techniques and tactics. A garage workshop, a warehouse for the storage of hazardous substances, a laboratory and an (actual) underground training object are just some examples of the practice facilities on site. These training objects are multi-disciplinary and the duration of fires is realistic, because fluids (diesel/petrol), foam rubber, and wood can be stoked alternatingly or in a combined fashion.

More information

Would you like more information about the realistic training in Vernon? Contact one of the employees of H2K.