About us

Educating and training firefighters and safety personnel of in-company Emergency Response Organisations requests a tailor-made approach. As each company and authority are different, their risk profiles and incident scenarios require a different approach. Our specialists assess the needed education and training program together with your subject-matter experts. We translate this assessment into tailor-made training courses and programs in order to develop and maintain expertise and skills of your employees. It is our philosophy to perform as much education and training ‘in-company’ as possible, so that first responders can use their own tools and PPE on their own grounds with realistic and recognisable scenarios. This way, your Emergency Response Organisation is optimally prepared for incident situations in the future.

Contributing to a safer society and safer industry, is the mission of H2K. We put these into practice by providing education, training and consultancy at high level. By raising knowledge and expertise, we ensure that fire services and members of the Emergency Response Organisation are optimally prepared for effective incident response and employees can work safely under high-risk conditions. Knowledge is power!

H2K is specialised in providing firefighting education, training courses and consultancy. Our customers are fire services, company fire brigades and companies with an Emergency Response Organisation, such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical storage, transport, and food processing industries. Together with our clients, we develop innovative tailor-made solutions for preventive safety and operational readiness. Tailored to your needs and risk profile, we offer dedicated advice and devoted training solutions.

H2K provides customer-oriented and high-end training and consultancy services using the best subject-matter experts available.