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Virtual training

10 jul

For virtual training, H2K cooperates with VSTEP. VSTEP develops simulators and virtual training software. Their systems make it possible to realistically simulate incidents and practice response strategies.

With RescueSim by VSTEP, an unlimited number of scenarios can be simulated within a realistic 3D-environment. Tunnels, high-rise buildings, highways, neighbourhoods, railways, industrial and port areas are just some examples of possible environments. Within these environments, an endless variety of simulated incident scenarios is possible.


The virtual scenarios are suitable for trainings on operational, tactical and strategic levels. The trainings are flexibly designed, so it becomes possible to influence the incident during the scenario and/or adapt it to decisions taken by the course participant. The consequences of these actions can be directly made visible on the screen.


Along the lines of this virtual system, H2K develops scenarios for all levels within the field of incident control. So the system can be used to evaluate incidents in a class-setting, train procedures, developing image-formation skills, and training scenarios.
The scenarios can be easily adapted to the specific wants and needs of the client. Moreover, there is the possibility to fully render an object or entire environment into the virtual system. The procedures and scenarios can then be practiced in the personal working environment.