H2K Training provides a broad portfolio of practical training courses for firefighting personnel. Our courses aim to further develop knowledge and skills of members of an Emergency Response Organisation, using credible and recognisable training scenarios. All our courses can be taught and trained both ‘in-company’ and on training centres. H2K cooperates with training centres throughout The Netherlands, Belgium and France. Through these partnerships H2K has the possibility to provide a wide variety of training scenarios at each level under any desired circumstances or environment.

Training Program Industrial Firefighting

Target group

Modularly designed, the training program ‘Industrial Firefighting’ is meant for crews and supervisors of both the public fire service and corporate firefighting organisations to keep the level of knowledge regarding firefighting in the (petro) chemical industry up to par.


Based on the new study guide ‘Industrial firefighting’, the Dutch fire services academy (Brandweeracademie), together with H2K, has developed a training program for operational managers (commanding officers and duty officers) and shift crews (crews and their supervisors). Each program offers eight modules with which both Safety Authorities and corporate firefighting services can train their personnel in a targeted manner. Each module consists of a theoretical and a practical segment.

The risks in the (petro) chemical industry require a special approach and are especially multi-faceted. So the Dutch fire services academy acknowledges the importance of tailor-made work that can vary per Safety Region. For that reason, it is dependent on the service area which training the firefighting personnel requires. Moreover, employees of the corporate fire service and the public fire service can band together to study the course materials. This learning together stimulates actually working together in practice.


The training program consists of the following eight modules:

  • Incident control in an industrial environment;
  • Incident control regarding atmospheric tanks;
  • Controlling bund fires;
  • Incident control regarding cryogenic and fluidised gasses;
  • Incident control regarding loading and transport activities;
  • Safe repressive action during incidents with ammonia(c);
  • Deployment during leaks and evaporations of product;
  • Flammable liquid firefighting and the deployment of firefighting foam.

Every participant that follows the module, will receive proof of participation in that module.

More information

Would you like to know more about the ‘Industrial Firefighting’ training program? Don’t hesitate to contact one of the employees of H2K.

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