H2K Training provides a broad portfolio of practical training courses for firefighting personnel. Our courses aim to further develop knowledge and skills of members of an Emergency Response Organisation, using credible and recognisable training scenarios. All our courses can be taught and trained both ‘in-company’ and on training centres. H2K cooperates with training centres throughout The Netherlands, Belgium and France. Through these partnerships H2K has the possibility to provide a wide variety of training scenarios at each level under any desired circumstances or environment.


Workshops are a tried and tested formula for keeping up your professional expertise and sharing new insights and information. H2K organises various workshops on new and professional developments in the firefighting domain and the industrial sector. In to-the-point informational sessions of 3 to 4 hours, participants can see and experience the behaviour of hazardous materials under certain conditions, the risks and dangers and effects of certain (extinguishing) actions.
The workshops will be provided in accordance with the client on a location of their choice.

A selection from the current workshop program:

Pool fires and the use of firefighting foam

A workshop about the characteristics and behaviour of different types of liquids, the workings and extinguishing capacities of foam and the repressive deployment possibilities and limitations of the present extinguishing materials and facilities. The practicum visualises the theory by showing the participants the results of the application of the firefighting foam on the different liquids.

Cryogenic gasses

A presentation and a practicum about the application, characteristics and risks of cryogenic gasses and action perspectives during incidents with this category of gasses. Examples like dispersion during leaks, the danger of freezing when exposed, and the effects of (fire)water on, for example, a pool of cryogenic LNG. By providing demonstrations with a cryogenic gas, the participants will gain an insight into the behaviour and risks of such a gas.

Process safety

An interactive workshop that will delve into the physical characteristics and the behaviour of substances in relation to process safety. Incident scenarios like an (unconfined) vapour cloud explosion (UVCE/VCE) will be demonstrated, simultaneously showing the workings of different types of process protection tools. Participants are actively involved during the workshop to predict the effects, in order to stimulate scenario-thinking.

New fuels

In the context of the energy transition, new types of fuel are entering the transport sector and the industry, like LNG/CNG and hydrogen. It is important for the fire service to have and acquire the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively combat incidents with these alternative fuels.

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