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JOIFF-accreditation of Spinel

10 jul

In collaboration with Spinel Safety Centre, H2K has put the training centre in Dordrecht up for JOIFF-accreditation. As of May 31, 2017, the Spinel Safety Centre is officially a JOIFF-accredited training centre.

What is JOIFF

JOIFF, or the Joint Oil & Industry Fire Forum, is an independent, international, non-profit organisation founded in 1990 by firefighters working in the British (petro) chemical industry. The goal of JOIFF is to develop international standards in the field of industrial safety, to ultimately improve the quality and safety in the industry.

JOIFF offers the following services to its 200+ members:
- Shared learning of worldwide industrial incidents;
- Accredited trainings;
- Development of safety standards for hazard management and emergency response.

JOIFF accreditation

Among other things, the standards concern becoming and staying qualified and competent. JOIFF-accredited education and trainings are internationally recognisable because the quality of the programs, the instructors, and the training locations are tested and vouched for by an independent organisation.

JOIFF-accredited programs

Together with renowned partners like Marsh Risk Consulting and Dr. Sthamer, one of the world leaders when talking about the production of firefighting foams, H2K has developed various multi-day, JOIFF-accredited trainings, like:
- Industrial Safety and Emergency Response training;
- Integrated Fire Safety of IBCs & Intermodals;
- Foam School.

JOIFF-accredited training centre

With the JOIFF accreditation of Spinel Safety Centre, H2K can now organise and conduct the courses and trainings developed by JOIFF itself. With that, H2K can even better serve its industrial clients and Spinel Safety Centre becomes even more interesting for national, but more importantly international companies.

The collaboration between Spinel Safety Centre and H2K in the field of facilitating, organising, and conducting industrial courses and trainings thus expands and strengthens.

We are proud of this result and would like to thank all employees of Spinel Safety Centre and H2K for their contribution to the establishment of this accreditation.