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Partners of H2K

10 jul

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Firefighting training centre Vernon (France)

A unique training centre for practical training (industrial firefighting) just northwest of Paris. H2K utilises this special location for (large-scale) practical trainings, industrial firefighting, and research purposes.



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Marsh Risk Consulting

H2K collaborates with Marsh Risk Consulting in the development of fire testing protocols and training products aimed at the risk industry, like trainings for tank and bund firefighting and a course on the dangers of IBCs.



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Dr. Sthamer

Together with the German foaming agent producer Dr. Sthamer, H2K organises a yearly ‘foam school’, a specialised training program on the use of foam in firefighting.



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JOIFF is an international organisation for developing and sharing knowledge in the field of industrial firefighting and fire prevention. Among other things, JOIFF has arranged the accreditation of the training centre in Dordrecht, to safeguard the quality of the industrial firefighting training according to international standards.



VSTEP Logo 200px

VSTEP RescueSim

In the field of virtual training, H2K collaborates closely with VSTEP. VSTEP develops simulators and virtual training software. Through this collaboration, H2K possesses an innovative system to simulate incidents and train response strategies.