H2K Training provides a broad portfolio of practical training courses for firefighting personnel. Our courses aim to further develop knowledge and skills of members of an Emergency Response Organisation, using credible and recognisable training scenarios. All our courses can be taught and trained both ‘in-company’ and on training centres. H2K cooperates with training centres throughout The Netherlands, Belgium and France. Through these partnerships H2K has the possibility to provide a wide variety of training scenarios at each level under any desired circumstances or environment.

Shipboard firefighting

Shipboard firefighting is a specialist subject in its own right with special characteristics. Two specialised maritime firefighting teams are appointed to control fires on board large sea ships in the North Sea, but in the water-rich Netherlands, firefighting corps that have waterways and harbours in their service area should also prepare for shipboard firefighting. H2K already has a multiannual competence program for shipboard firefighting aimed at various different brigades and specially developed to provide firefighters with the knowledge and the skills to safely and effectively combat fires on board ships.

The competence program for shipboard firefighting includes theoretical lessons for the regular maritime fire service crew and commanders, and a practical training. During the program, the firefighters will gain insight into the various types of ships, types of fires that can occur on board, preventive measures on board, firefighting techniques, present extinguishing means, specific risks and dangers of shipboard firefighting. The approach to and investigation and combatting of shipboard fires requires special attention to the personal safety, because sometimes work is done in spaces with limited access options, where smoke and heat cannot easily escape. The program covers various practical cases of shipboard fires.

During the practical training, ship models and virtual reality techniques are used to provide the course participants with an insight into the development of fires on board various different types of ships and into specific points of attention during the deployment. A fire on board a recreational or passenger ship has other focal points than a fire on board a freight ship, possibly loaded with hazardous substances. An operational deployment on board an actual ship is also part of the training. H2K may use training centres and practice ships at various sites in the Netherlands for this purpose. During the trainings, the following elements will come up:

  • Effective exploration and use of the thermal imaging camera on board;
  • Division of roles, tasks, and responsibilities of incident control on board ships;
  • Image formation, assessment, and decision-making;
  • Recognition of dangers and risks;
  • Developing a deployment plan/plan of action;
  • ‘Hose management’ on board;
  • Effects of the use of fire water on board ships;
  • Scaling up.

The instructors that provide the competence program for H2K have years of practical knowledge and experience with shipboard firefighting both in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Are shipboard fires part of the risks profile of your region and are you interested in a tailor-made competence program for shipboard firefighting? Contact one of the employees of H2K.

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